Why Nebul Leading with NVIDIA and its Eco-system

The future is all about putting real innovation in easy-to-consume services that are provided with the ability to scale at a predictable cost.


Leading the AI race

Nebul is preferred NVIDIA Cloud Service Provider and serves the full scope of NVIDIA technologies like the DGX and OVX platforms in Europe.

NVIDIA Partner

NVIDIA is the most innovative force in AI/ML  and Cloud Infrastructure Solutions for the last years.

Leading Innovation

The Power of Ecosystem

90% of all AI initiatives today are powered by NVIDIA technology ensuring broad support for future developments.

the future looks Bright

The NVIDIA Private AI Strategy

NVIDIA’s Private AI strategy offers a compelling alternative to the “black box” solutions from public AI providers. By emphasizing data privacy, security, and sovereignty it enables companies to develop and manage AI applications on their infrastructure, ensuring full control over data and AI models.

This approach is ideal for organizations concerned with data confidentiality, regulatory compliance, and maintaining intellectual property rights.

The Nebul “Private AI Factory” service leverages this strategy, allowing rapid, secure AI application development within a trusted ecosystem, providing data sovereignty and GDPR legislative compliance by keeping your sensitive corporate data away from US based hyperscale cloud environments.

Extended and Supported by an entire Ecosystem

Leading with an ecosystem amplifies the potential of your “Private AI Factory“. This holistic approach to AI harnesses the strengths and innovations of each partner, integrating them into a single, powerful platform.

By leveraging this synergy, you gain access to a wide array of tools and services, enabling rapid development of AI applications.

Our ecosystem-driven strategy accelerates innovation, reduces your time to market, and enhances the customization you need to meet specific business needs.

The sum of collective expertise far exceeds what any single vendor could achieve alone, positioning our “Private AI Factory” at the forefront of AI advancement in the Enterprise.

NVIDIA Accelerated Computing

Reimagine the datacenter purpose-built for AI based on a computing platform built on three accelerating architectures: the GPU, DPU, and CPU.

With next-generation technologies that span performance, security, networking, and more, these architectures are ready to take on every challenge of the modern datacenter.

These technologies are brought together in NVIDIA DGX, the pinnacle of today’s supercomputers, and connected in large Supercluster, the fastest supercomputer on the market today.

NVIDIA DGX is part of Nebul’s Supercluster Cloud Services.

Why this is the time for a different approach to Cloud

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