Why Nebul Clear-cut, Transparent, Competitive and Predictable Pricing

Reach out to our team and we’ll show how you can significantly reduce your bill and get more cost predictability.

Clear in Cloud Costs

Nebul Cloud, the Private and Sovereign High-Performance Cloud provides predictable, flat fee pricing.

Get more for a lot less
Boost your cloud performance and save money on your cloud bill simultaneously. No hidden I/O or traffic fees. No overpayment and billing surprises anymore.

Clear Skies in Cloud Cost

Prices for GPUs went crazy!

Because demand is outpacing supply.


Note: Compared in March 2024. Amazon (AWS) and Google (GCP) do not provide access to the latest H100 GPU

Join the many businesses saving up to 50% or more with Nebul Cloud.

Are the ever-increasing cloud costs on Azure, AWS, GCP, and severely impacting your bottom line? Reach out to our team and we’ll show how you can significantly reduce your bill and get more predictable pricing.


Accurately forecast costs with our transparent and affordable, competitive pricing.

For larger enterprise-scale contracts, please contact our sales-team directly.

  • Always Flat fee

    Simple pay for capacity per month so you don’t need to shutdown your applications and workloads to make your business case.
  • No billing of the unknowns

    Do you know how many puts and gets your S3 storage does? The answer is: You really can’t. This is why they bill you for it. It looks cheap at first and it bites you in the end.
  • Affordable and Reliable

    The infrastructure you reserved ready when you need it at affordable pricing so you get squeezed between your and our pricing.

Pricing FAQ’s

Build Scalable GPU-Accelerated Applications. Faster.

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