Comparison table for Nebul services

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Public AI Build your own Nebul Private AI

Easy to get started

How much work is it to provision your business AI environment?


Very convenient. No need to build or provision anything. Just create an account and you are off.

Setup in minutes.


Quite some work, you need to build and configure your AI Software and Infrastructure
before you can start your first projects.

Setup in months.


Provisioning an Enterprise environment with the right security and access settings takes some time, but then you are ready to go.

Setup in hours

Solid AI Framework and Foundation

Do you have access to an industry-leading AI foundation that accelerates development and lets you run your AI with guardrails?


Solid AI frameworks, but vendor lockin takes away your strategic indepence.


Develop, maintain and support your own solution stack (using Open Source)


Access to NVIDIA AI Enterprise Software catalog. Open Source with Enterprise

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