Business Challenge EU Sovereignty and Compliance

Businesses must be aware of EU data privacy laws and data sovereignty requirements to maintain compliance and protect their customers' sensitive information and brand trust.

The Business Challenge

American authority over data can’t be swept away

The EU enforces stringent data privacy regulations, notably the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy Directive. Under the GDPR, organizations are legally required to store and process data obtained from EU-based users within the EU or in jurisdictions that uphold comparable levels of data protection.

The problem for all US Hyperscalers is of a fundamental nature. The US CLOUD Act requires them as US entities to share data if such access is deemed necessary for national security. So, despite all the promises that data-in-use is encrypted and policies are available to meet all compliance requirements, the American Cloud Providers can never truly promise sovereignty in Europe.

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Data protection and digital sovereignty have gained significant attention in recent years in the EU. The European Commission (EC) has proposed the AI Act, the Digital Services Act, and the Digital Markets Act to regulate digital services and address concerns related to data protection, competition, and market concentration.

With more regulations on the way, companies operating within the boundaries of the EU, with European customer data are advised to choose their cloud wisely.

Facing Challenges head-on

How Nebul Cloud addresses your Sovereignty challenges.

SuperCloud Sovereign

Nebul Cloud is a European Sovereign Cloud located, controlled and operated in the EU.

  • Meets data control, residency, and sovereignty requirements required by EU legislations.
  • Tackle future compliance issues by adopting a Hybrid, MultiCloud strategy in which you have the option to store your most valuable data private and sovereign.

Additional Security Measures

Nebul Cloud uses advanced security protocols and technologies to protect data from unauthorized access, breaches, and other threats.

  • Use sophisticated security measures like encryption, secure access controls, and continuous monitoring for potential breaches.
  • Implementation of privacy by design principles and by default, integrating data protection into all services.
  • Conduct regular security assessments and audits to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities within the cloud infrastructure.

Multi-Cloud Enablement

Combine the best of both worlds.

  • Nebul Cloud plays well with Microsoft Azure Cloud, and our Universal Cloud Control provides consistent management and control of both clouds.
  • MultiCloud Provides automation to deliver and operate blueprints to all Clouds within the Hybrid, MultiCloud with convenience and ease.

Don’t start your Cloud journey with unmanaged risk.

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