Business Challenge Implementation of AI for your Business

AI will fundamentally transform your business in the next 5-10 years. But what are the first steps you need to take? How do you implement AI to capture the opportunities while you mitigate risk and are responsible to your customers and employees?

The Business Challenge

AI is moving fast. We’ll help you keep up!

Trying to determine your AI strategy for 2024? Not sure where to start? The Nebul AI team, will work with you to define the specific use cases that can move the needle for your organization.

We’re eager to discuss your goals, scope out a solution, and guide you down the path to realize that vision.

Build your Strategy

Define the Steps you need to take to deliver your AI Vision.

Select the Right Platform

Selecting the right platform is no easy task and you might be inclined to use the platform you are using today. We caution you to be careful here.

Using public AI solutions like OpenAI’s ChatGPT is convenient, and they are great for learning and experimentation, but corporate use requires “Private AI”.

Selection priorities

  •  Protect Data Privacy and Intellectual Property
  •  Stay Sovereign and Strategic Independent
  •  Reliable Performance and Availability
  •  Keep cost predictable and affordable running at scale

Use a Private AI Factory

Working with an ecosystem of partners, Nebul has transformed the NVIDIA AI strategy into an AI factory that enables you to build AI applications quickly taking all stages of the AI workflow into account.

You can run this on every cloud, but it runs best on NEBUL Cloud which is purpose built for the performance and latency requirements of this Private AI factory. With Nebul Cloud being placed in Europe, you prevent current and future AI and data legislative compliance issues.

We want to enable you to concentrate on where AI can drive business value without you worrying about the complicated wiring under the hood. You can start using template foundation models and adapt these to the unique aspects and approaches of your business with ease today.

Setup Guardrails

The potential benefits of AI are massive, but the dangers of how proprietary data is managed within public AI tools create significant organizational risk, especially in highly regulated industries. This has led to organizations pumping the brakes on AI adoption. According to a recent poll, 75% of organizations worldwide are currently implementing or considering a ban on public generative AI applications.

Nebul AI Guardrails monitors, governs and controls the use of public AI tools to keep your data and information protected. It also serves as a security and governance layer when you are running your own AI applications and provide access to employees and customers to protect your business brand.

Jumpstart your AI with the Private AI Factory

Start driving transformative outcomes with our AI Jumpstart Success Kit and our SureStep project approach to de-risk your AI journey and increase your changes of success.

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