Business Challenge Moving to the cloud more complicated and higher risk than expected?

If migrating to the cloud were easy, we'd all be done by now. Cloud migrations are tougher and cost more than most organizations expected.

Business Challenge

Face Migration Challenges Head-On

We understand the importance of a smooth transition, and that’s why we offer a journey that ensures both efficiency, effectiveness and less risk. Migrate to the cloud with zero up-front investment and experience a fast track to value. We eliminate the financial barriers and provide you with the tools and support needed to embark on this transformative journey without hesitation. We’ve got you covered every step of the way.

Plan your Migration Journey

Poor or inadequate planning can doom
your cloud migration before it begins.

Together we’ll assess your current environment along with the needs of your future environment to create a custom migration strategy that puts the right applications in the right environment, supported by experienced practitioners who can help mitigate risk throughout the process.

  • Find out about the false assumptions that cause unnecessary cost, delay and risk when it comes to cloud migration and modernization.
  • Let us help you compare cloud environments and create scenarios to overcome the challenges of cloud migration.

Nebul Cloud Migration Services

Drive value for your business with a Multi-Cloud Migration and modernization journey.

  • From governance to landing zones, we help you leverage cloud benefits in a controlled, scalable way – in line with user needs.
  • We help enable automated delivery of cloud-based software solutions efficiently and flexibly.
  • From a quick lift-and-shift to refactoring, we help you modernize in a way that balances quick wins with sustainable value.

Managed Cloud Migration

Migrate to the cloud with zero up-front investment and a fast track to value.

  • Find out how to reduce risk and reap the benefits of Cloud migration with a unique financial model and by integrating migration and managed services in a streamlined project.
  • Managed Cloud Migration spreads migration costs over 3 years, incorporating them into the monthly opex for managed cloud, resulting in a closer alignment between cost and value.

Don’t start your Cloud journey with unmanaged risk.

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