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Add AI and Data Science to your cloud-native approach to application development
Hybrid AI Operations

How we help tomorrow’s MSP overcome unique challenges

The reward for overcoming these challenges is well worth it. There are impactful benefits that drive value for your MSP business and customers when partnering with Nebul:

Team collaboration

Help MSPs innovate and modernize their proposition

We empower you to stand out by fueling innovation beyond big cloud offerings. We help you to modernize and offer distinct, cutting-edge services. Say goodbye to dependency and hello to market differentiation with Nebul.

Enable a Hybrid, MultiCloud Strategy

Embrace the future of cloud with a seamless, true hybrid, multi-cloud offering. Our approach ensures MSPs can provide flexible, optimized solutions across various platforms, future-proofing services and meeting the evolving needs of their customers.

Prevent compliance issues with European Sovereignty

U.S. Hyperscale clouds will never be truly sovereign and private according to EU legislation. Prevent compliance issues with GDPR and CSRD by leveraging our Hybrid Power Cloud with European values on Privacy and Compliance.

Get Ready for Tomorrow with NVIDIA certified Private AI

We’ll grant you access to cutting-edge innovations like NVIDIA Private AI, Digital Twins, and Data Science. This opens the door for MSPs to offer advanced, future-ready services, setting the stage for technological leadership in the market.

Relentless Automation for more speed, quality and efficiency

Minimizes manual effort and accelerate your service delivery and operations processes to ensure superior service quality, empowering MSPs to operate at peak efficiency and outpace the competition.

Transparent Pricing, Optimized & Predictable Cost

Nebul ensure you can confidently set contracts without fear of being squeezed by fluctuating costs. We safeguard MSPs from the typical, unpredictable hyperscaler cost models. This clarity is vital for building long-term, trust-based relationships with customers.

We help you modernize your Proposition

The Nebul Hybrud, MultiCloud is a sovereign and private cloud ecosystem that fosters Europe’s values in privacy, security, and compliance and forges this with hyperscale clouds, leveraging innovation and ensuring application and data mobility for digital autonomy.

The goal is to combine the best of both worlds to ensure your strategic independence, improve your performance and lower your cost.

Universal Cloud Services

What could you accomplish if you didn’t have to devote resources to your infrastructure? We offer a vast array of infrastructure services so you can focus on your business.

Improve efficiency, lower your bill.

Transition to a more efficient Cloud Model with more predictability and affordable pricing while improving performance, sovereignty and compliance to EU legislation.


Join the many businesses saving up to 50% or more with Nebul Cloud.

Are the ever-increasing cloud costs on Azure, AWS, GCP, and severely impacting your bottom line? Reach out to our team and we’ll show how you can significantly reduce your bill and get more predictable pricing.

Improve your Service Proposition and bottom-line.

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