Accelerated Work PowerDesk

Let GPU-powered virtual desktops turbocharge productivity and user experience by enabling lightning-fast visual computing and enhanced performance to run AI development workloads.

GPU acceleration for Visuals and AI

NVIDIA virtual GPUs bring the power of RTX enabled GPUs to accelerate compute-intensive workloads and applications for every virtual desktop, app, and workstation across on-prem, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.
Accessible to your entire workforce anywhere, virtual GPUs enable you to future-proof virtual workspaces and improve productivity.

Features and Benefits


Professional Graphics Anytime, Anywhere

NVIDIA RTX brings advanced features like ray tracing, AI-denoising, and Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) to a virtual environment.

Supporting the latest generation of NVIDIA GPUs unlocks the best performance possible, so designers and engineers can create their best work faster. IT can virtualize any application from the data center with an experience that is indistinguishable from a physical workstation — enabling workstation performance from any device.


Accelerating Cancer Research

The Dutch Cancer Institute updated their IT infrastructure to expedite research and streamline patient care.

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Advancements in Workstyle Reform

Toyota leads the way in converting design work using high-end CAD on Virtual Desktops with NVIDIA RTX vWS.

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Empowering Digital Artists

DNEG enabled  access to virtual workstations from anywhere with performance on par with physical workstations.

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Powered by NVIDIA datacenter GPUs

Nebul Cloud provides flexible and affordable NVIDIA-powered GPU technology to power Visualization, Digital Twins and AI workloads with maximum performance and cost predictability.

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