Private AI AI Security and Control

Generative AI introduces a new array of security risks that we need to address quickly.
AI Visibility and Control

Monitor the use of AI

Observe all the use of AI tools in your organization and analyze what prompts are being used and data is being shipped.

Govern the use of AI

Organizations are rightly looking to AI to help tackle challenges and advance their business goals, but using AI outside your company’s control – what is called Shadow AI – poses threats:

  • Sensitive data leakage, data being shared by the model with other users, inadvertent sharing of secrets;
  • Unauthorized access to the customer’s corporate information by the operator of the gen AI offering, such as human review of customer prompt data;
  • Non-compliance with applicable cybersecurity or data privacy governance or legislation.

Solve the Risk of Shadow AI today!

  • Discover all the AI tools used and eliminate risks associated with Shadow AI.
  • Define granular rules, policies, and actions for each application and gain full control.
  • Keep your organization’s data safe and prevent data leaks.


Secure your Private AI Applications and Services

  • Prompt Injection, Jailbreaks, DDoS, and other risks.
  • Sensitive data exposure and leaks via customer-facing apps that leverage LLMs.
  • Customers and Users being exposed to inappropriate content generated by LLMs.

Reduce your Risk Protect your Business

Don’t underestimate the risks of non-compliance

The European Parliament approved the Artificial Intelligence Act, the first legislative proposal of this kind. The AI Act aims to ensure safety and compliance with fundamental rights while boosting innovation.

The new regulation addresses risks, promotes ethical use, and establishes standards for high-risk applications.

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