Business Challenge Get the cost of Cloud under control and optimize spendings.

Actionable insights and Guidance on where your cloud spend is coming from and how to lower these, so the cost of Cloud don’t overrun your budget all the time.

The Business Challenge

Face your Cloud-Cost Challenges Head-On

At Nebul, we recognize that mastering cloud costs goes beyond a single Cloud Service Provider Strategy. That’s why we’ve embraced a Hybrid, MultiCloud approach, leveraging the strengths of Nebul’s Private SuperCloud and the convenience and global reach of HyperScale Clouds. This allows us to tailor solutions that fit your unique business requirements while offering unparalleled flexibility and cost efficiency.  Our approach centers on transparency, providing a clear-cut view of where your Euros are going. We provide predictive analytics tools to forecast spending trends before they balloon, and actionable insights to tweak and optimize resources in real-time. Its our objective to demystify cloud billing, breaking down costs into understandable components and ensure you’re only paying for what you truly need.

Improve efficiency, lower your bill.

Transition to a more efficient Cloud Model with more predictability and affordable pricing while improving performance, sovereignty and compliance to EU legislation.

Build your Hybrid-MultiCloud

Hybrid-MultiCloud delivers the optimal computing platform to drive modern business in the future.

Hybrid-MultiCloud empowers your organization to leverage the IT estate amassed over decades, employ the skills of your existing IT team, and take full advantage of innovations as they emerge, all in a pragmatic, cost-effective manner.

  • Start with your private cloud for privacy, sovereignty, reliable high performance, dedicated infrastructure availability, and lower, more predictable costs.
  • Extend to Hyperscale Clouds like Azure, AWS, and GCP for Global Scale, Experimentation, and volatile deployments
  • Unify your clouds in a consistent Hybrid-MultiCloud.

Intelligent Cloud Control

Use our Universal Cloud Control so you can
manage your clouds from a single pane of glass.

  • Modeling your applications on the optimal platform, whether on-premises, Private Enterprise Cloud, or Hyperscale Cloud.
  • Timely, quality data and insights from your IT estate to enable you to make data-driven decisions.
  • Support from our expert practitioners to guide your decision-making.


Use Cloud Placement Principles

Bring the cloud experience to the organization’s apps and data, regardless of where they reside.

  • Land your applications on the Cloud that best fits their needs based on a set of defined principles that encompass functionality, performance, privacy, compliance and cost.
  • Buy or build new applications with mobility in mind so they can be moved from cloud to cloud simply and without restrictions.
  • Prevent the use of proprietary services as much as you can to prevent mobility limitations, a.k.a. Vendor lock-in.

Turn Insights into Action

Achieve precise and efficient resource management.

  • View the efficiency health of your entire Hybrid-MultiCloud estate in a single management console that provides the tools to analyze and quickly remediate cost anomalies.
  • Automation capabilities span deployment, configuration, rightsizing, and power scheduling, aligning with diverse cloud infrastructure requirements.
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