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Advance your AI projects with strategic independence based on NVIDIA AI solutions and infrastructure.

The Enterprise IT Challenges

The reward for overcoming these challenges is well worth it. There are impactful benefits that drive value for your business and customers when adopting technology innovation.

“Not in Cloud” strategy for strategicly sensitive workloads.

Enterprises face the challenge of balancing cloud benefits with the need to keep strategic workloads and sensitive data on-premise for security and control reasons.

Prevent compliance issues with European Sovereignty

Prevent compliance issues with GDPR and CSRD by leveraging our Hybrid Power Cloud with European values on Privacy and Compliance.

Fend off Vendor Lock-in. How to stay strategic independent?

Follow the lead of Enterprises like Novo Nordisk and build your strategy based on an Open Source strategy, vetted, optimized and supported by NVIDIA.

Buy vs. Build HPC Infrastructure to run AI/ML and Data Science

Deciding to buy or build HPC infrastructure for AI involves weighing design and configuration complexity, delivery times, cost, and control against deployment speed and simplicity.

Ensure Fault Tolerant Service Availability

Ensure uninterrupted service with mission-critical availability, safeguarding your SaaS operations against downtime and data loss, and maintaining trust and reliability for your users.
Team collaboration

Access to material experts to help you deploy and operate.

We are absolutely obsessed with your success. Everything we do is wrapped up in helping you achieve your goals — so you can grow your business, increase efficiency and deliver the future.

Facing Challenges head-on

The reward for overcoming these challenges is well worth it. Our Solutions provide impactful benefits that drive value for your business and customer.

Built on NVIDIA Technology

De-Risk AI investments and ensure strategic independence from Public Cloud and AI vendors.

  • Cutting Edge: NVIDIA’s Cloud agnostic AI Enterprise Software and GPU technologies offer unmatched performance for AI and Machine Learning tasks.
  • Broad Application Support: NVIDIA technology is widely supported across various applications and industries, ensuring versatile use cases.
  • Open Ecosystem: Unlike proprietary solutions, NVIDIA supports a vast ecosystem of development tools, libraries, and frameworks, facilitating innovation and compatibility, preventing vendor lock-in.
  • In front of the Curve: NVIDIA’s continuous investment in R&D ensures enterprises have access to the latest advancements in AI and computing technologies.

Managed Service Operations

Rely on the expertise of our experienced practitioners.

  • Expertise: Specialized knowledge and skills in managing these complex IT infrastructures and ensuring best practices are followed.
  • Less Risk: Nebul’s proactive approach to operations and security lowers  risks, ensuring optimal service availability, data protection and regulatory compliance.
  • 24/7 Support: Continuous monitoring and support ensure that any issues are swiftly addressed, minimizing downtime and maintaining business continuity.
  • Focus on Core Business: Outsourcing infrastructure management allows for more focus on core competencies and innovation.

Flexible use of Super Computers

Bridge capacity shortage or temporary burst capacity from a sovereign, private cloud.

  • NVIDIA Certified: Nebul is NVIDIA’s preferred DGX Cloud Service Provider.
  • Private: Nebul provides NVIDIA DGX and OVX in separated, dedicated clusters from just four, to hundreds of server nodes.
  • Compliant: European datacenters, operations and control prevent compliance issues with Governance and EU legislation.

Public AI solutions like ChatGPT are great for experiments and learning.

Corporate use requires Private AI.

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