Business Challenge Accelerate Legacy Systems

Increase the performance of existing systems amassed over time and part of the heritage

The Business Challenge

There is no business need to refactor every application.

Software that runs fine without the need for any change can be left to run just fine. If there are no major bugs to fix and there is still support for the platform you have little business reason to touch it. In fact, touching it might make the situation worse than before.

Most of the times its better to invest your money into new business projects and if the business case is made, apply the change there.

Facing Challenges head-on

How Nebul Cloud accelerates and Supports your Legacy

Accelerate Legacy Systems

Nebul Cloud accelerates traditional monolith applications with HPC infrastructure.

  • HPC infrastructure increases application performance and the speed of data throughput, removing performance bottlenecks.
  • Legacy systems are integrated into a Multi-Cloud landscape and are able to connect with Cloud-Native applications at scale, with high-performance.

No need to refactor to prevent Cloud Cost Explosions

Hyperscale clouds are built for Cloud Native, not for legacy systems, this causes cost explosions.

  • Nebul Cloud is optimized for Legacy-systems and Cloud-Native at the same time and we do not charge for I/O transactions. Running Legacy-systems with lots of data movement doesn’t move the needle on your cloud bill.
  • Extend the lifespan of your existing applications preventing costly and undesired application refactoring projects.

Modern Business Continuity & Availability

  • Improve application and service reliability by using distributed compute and storage systems.
  • Enable modern data-protection and replication services to strongly enhance application continuity and availability.

Don’t start your Cloud journey with unmanaged risk.

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