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Nebul & UbiOps Announce Partnership for European Sovereign-Hybrid Cloud Acceleration

Accelerate Time-to-Results for European NVIDIA AI Sovereign-Hybrid Cloud, with Nebul & UbiOps

June 27th, 2024 – Amsterdam.

UbiOps, an AI serving and orchestration platform, has partnered with NEBUL, Modern HPC solutions provider and an official NVIDIA Partner for NVIDIA DGX, GPU and Supercomputing Cloud in Europe.

UbiOps’ solution is now listed in NEBUL’s starter packs and is included in their core Sovereign-Hybrid Cloud offering. This strategic collaboration and joint go-to-market creates unique opportunities for end users to leverage authentic value and outcomes from EU based, turn-key Supercomputing and GPU infrastructure for any type of AI related workloads.

UbiOps simplifies the deployment and management of AI models. The dutch-origin solution helps to deploy any AI models as scalable inference APIs, including large, off–the–shelf AI models like LLMs.

Built with scalability, security, and robustness in mind, UbiOps serves as a foundation for many AI applications across different industries.

NEBUL helps businesses leverage their existing IT assets while embracing cutting-edge technologies such as Private AI, Digital Twins, and Data Intelligence. Their strategy provides practicality, predictability, and cost-effectiveness while respecting Europe’s boundaries and sovereignty. NEBUL’s EU Sovereign Cloud, powered by NVIDIA, provides high-performance Supercomputing and GPU solutions for cutting-edge AI & HPC performance at any scale.

“In Europe we are seeing a wave of AI adoption across all countries, industries and verticals. Being able to provide turn-key HPC infrastructure solutions, in hybrid-cloud configurations in Europe, gives European organizations a strategic option for sovereign data protection without compromising on speed of innovation. Together with UbiOps and NVIDIA, we enable any European organization to benefit from our ecosystem of expert partners, and accelerate time-to-results for ground-breaking AI projects. UbiOps is a key partner to reduce project risk, dramatically simplifying how to interact with AI and is a core component in our accelerated hybrid cloud solutions.” Arnold Juffer, CEO @ Nebul

“We are thrilled to work together with one of the most innovative European Sovereign Cloud AI players of this time. European companies truly face a challenge when it comes to protecting data while speeding AI innovation with the right infrastructure and tooling. Nebul is poised to change this, and as a key partner we support the mission to build European AI powerhouses.” Yannick Maltha, CEO @ UbiOps

Efficient Cloud Transition

NEBUL ensures a smooth transition to a more efficient cloud model, delivering predictability, affordability, and enhanced performance all while preserving EU sovereignty and compliance with EU legislation and organizational data protection policies. Enjoy at least 50% cost reductions, 16x faster performance on AI workloads vs Public Cloud, and a flat monthly fee structure that ensures ultimate cost predictability and value.

GPU StarterPacks

NEBUL collaborates with UbiOps in including the UbiOps platform across GPU starter packs, enabling disruptive capabilities such as Private AI, Data Science, and Digital Twins on a Sovereign-Hybrid AI Cloud suited to specific requirements. Each bundle effortlessly incorporates UbiOps, offering a comprehensive solution that includes everything you need to get started in minutes and is backed up by expert services and technical support to ensure a seamless setup and continuous support.

GPU Cost Stability

NEBUL tackles the challenges of rising GPU costs by providing consistent access and pricing. Unlike hyperscalers, NEBUL maintains consistent GPU costs, avoids latency issues by offering local European access, and removes boot-queue delays through immediate availability. Nebul offers a cost-effective option for GPU processing demands, considerably less than other solutions available in the market.

About UbiOps

UbiOps is a powerful AI infrastructure platform designed to help teams deploy and serve the next generation of AI products without the usual engineering complexity. With UbiOps, data scientists can deploy all of their machine learning models as scalable inference APIs, including large, off–the–shelf AI models like LLMs.

Built with scalability, security, and robustness in mind, UbiOps serves as a foundation for many AI applications across different industries.

From LLM agents in cyber security to revolutionary computer vision systems in healthcare and IoT applications in the energy sector. The unique UbiOps hybrid- and multi-cloud orchestration engine and its core MLOps features help you deploy, serve, and manage your AI workloads across multiple clouds and on-premises environments.


Nebul’s European Sovereign-Hybrid AI Cloud provides world-class supercomputing and GPU-accelerated business computing services while ensuring EU data privacy and compliance.

As an official NVIDIA Preferred Cloud Service Provider, DGX Cloud Partner and DGX Solution Provider, we enable European organizations to navigate the complexities of deploying supercomputing and GPU workloads on private cloud, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments across all types of NVIDIA GPUs and cluster infrastructure.

We offer accelerated computing in the format of Private AI, the concept of building open-source AI frameworks directly on your data, as opposed to Public AI, requiring you to connect your data to foreign, shared AI platforms or upload your organizational data to Public platforms and Public Cloud.

Nebul helps navigate building a world-class AI development and production platform while prioritizing your EU data protection, compliance and privacy.

Nebul utilizes efficient green energy data centers, with our various Supercomputing and GPU centers located strategically across the European Continent.

Nebul always leverages the fastest computing infrastructure like NVIDIA DGX, HGX and OVX, and NVIDIA Enterprise GPUs such as B200, H100, L40s and L4 in single or clustered configurations.

In June 2024, Nebul announced a €20M Euro funding round to facilitate the expansion of EU Sovereign AI Cloud & Data Centers, serving European Native AI infrastructure projects and related engineering support. This funding round allows Nebul to serve its expanding customer base and mounting AI infrastructure demand in Europe.

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