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Nebul & Prompt Security Formalize EU Partnership for Generative AI Data Protection & Cybersecurity

After a thorough testing and deployment cycle with Nebul’s EU sovereign-hybrid cloud, Prompt Security has demonstrated its value in Nebul’s AI Cloud, AI Factory and enterprise-oriented AI infrastructure offerings.

Today’s EU organizations face three primary cybersecurity risks, alongside the complexities of EU-specific data regulations and compliance:

Threat #1: Shadow AI

Company employees often use various supported and unsupported AI tools to enhance their work. Prompt Security provides transparent visibility and reporting on these applications, blocking GDPR, PII, and confidential company data from being uploaded to AI prompts or transferred through public AI platform APIs. This keeps company data secure and sets strict boundaries for interacting with AI tools.

Threat #2: Homegrown Generative AI Applications

As EU organizations deploy customer-facing Generative AI applications, typically for customer support, technical support, or sales inquiries, it’s crucial that these AI systems interact appropriately with contacts, assisting them effectively without oversharing information. This approach ensures brand protection and enhances loyalty and CSAT scores. Prompt Security’s solution addresses all known exploits and Generative AI weaknesses in real-time, minimizing risks and enabling companies to confidently deploy Generative AI to their customer base.

Threat #3 AI-Enabled Software Development

For organizations developing software and utilizing AI Co-Pilots, protecting company secrets and proprietary information is essential. Prompt Security allows developers to use AI helpers effectively while ensuring complete privacy and preventing the sharing of any company data, PII, or proprietary code with third-party AI tools.

Nebul and Prompt Security: Soverign-Hybrid, Multi-Cloud and On-Prem AI Solutions

Nebul and Prompt Security enable hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud, and on-premises deployments, allowing organizations to maintain EU compliance and regulatory adherence without sacrificing their competitive edge in utilizing Generative AI tools.

In 2024, experimenting and deploying Generative AI is imperative. Whether initiating experiments or moving into production, organizations must embrace this technology in the appropriate manner to stay relevant, not only this year but in the coming years.

“In Europe, we face advanced data protection challenges, particularly for companies adopting Generative AI. Nebul’s AI Factory and Hybrid-Cloud solutions address EU architectural considerations, such as sovereignty and hybrid configurations. Prompt Security enhances Nebul’s solutions by providing targeted protections against Shadow AI, facilitating the deployment of Generative AI for customer-facing applications and AI-enabled software development practices. EU customers can now leverage the benefits and innovations of Generative AI while maintaining absolute data protection and privacy, alongside our stringent cybersecurity practices for EU data sets. – Arnold Juffer, CEO & Founder of NEBUL

“We are thrilled to be the first GenAI Security platform to deliver a comprehensive solution both product- and partnership-wise to MSSPs. We understand the immense value derived from this type of collaboration, and we provide MSSPs with a new solution to protect their customers from GenAI risks without the need for massive onboarding resources upfront. – Itamar Golan, CEO & Co-Founder of Prompt Security

Recently, Prompt Security and Nebul produced a Live Stream, “The Risks and Dangers of AI”, focused on the special threats and risks for European companies dealing with Shadow AI, deploying AI and AI enabled Software Development, this enlightening Live Stream recording can be viewed here on LinkedIn.

Additionally, the slides from the presentation can be found here on LinkedIn.

Take Immediate Action To Protect Your EU Organization from The Risks and Dangers of Generative AI

Nebul is providing a simple, quick and comprehensive data protection solution for Generative AI. This includes scanning for threats, protection strategies for employees interacting with AI tools, and protection for AI enabled software development. Within days a complete solution can be fully enabled, giving clear visibility into the threats and data for making informed decisions.

About Prompt Security

Founded in August 2023, Prompt Security delivers a complete solution for all generative AI security in the enterprise. Its robust platform supports millions of prompts and thousands of users per month. The founding team combines deep expertise in both cybersecurity and AI, with years of experience building and securing machine learning systems at organizations like Check Point, Orca Security, and Israel’s elite intelligence unit 8200.

Prompt’s CEO Itamar Golan was on OWASP Top 10 for LLM Applications core team and Prompt’s CTO & co-founder Lior Drihem contributed to the project. The Prompt Security team of researchers has created proprietary LLMs and developed novel patent-pending techniques for detecting generative AI threats and addressing the associated risks.


Nebul’s European Sovereign-Hybrid AI Cloud provides world-class supercomputing and GPU-accelerated business computing services, ensuring EU data privacy and compliance.

As an official NVIDIA Preferred Cloud Service Provider, DGX Cloud Partner, and DGX Solution Provider, we empower European organizations to navigate the complexities of deploying supercomputing and GPU workloads on private cloud, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments using all types of NVIDIA GPUs and cluster infrastructure.

We offer accelerated computing in the form of Private AI, which involves building open-source AI frameworks directly on your data. This approach avoids the need to connect

your data to foreign, shared AI platforms or upload your organizational data to public platforms and clouds.

Nebul helps build a world-class AI development and production platform while prioritizing EU data protection, compliance, and privacy. Our efficient green energy data centers, with various supercomputing and GPU centers, are strategically located across the European continent.

Nebul consistently leverages the fastest computing infrastructure, including NVIDIA DGX, HGX, and OVX, and NVIDIA Enterprise GPUs such as B200, H100, L40s, and L4 in both single and clustered configurations.

In June 2024, Nebul announced a €20M funding round to expand EU Sovereign AI Cloud & Data Centers, supporting European native AI infrastructure projects and related engineering efforts. This funding allows Nebul to meet the growing demands of its expanding customer base and AI infrastructure in Europe.

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