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NEBUL Private AI Solutions with NVIDIA | Live Stream Recording

Watch the Recorded Live Stream HERE.

In this recorded event, NEBUL and NVIDIA will discuss the value of Private AI and data protection strategies that ensure corporate governance, compliance and general safety of data protection in the world of AI and LLMs without compromising on innovation.

Together, we’ll take a high-level view on NVIDIA DGX, the fastest GPU supercomputer in the world, and how to deploy a complete LLM solution with NVIDIA NeMo, NVIDIA Triton Server and NVIDIA Retriever, which allows companies to connect various types of enterprise data for LLM/GPT type solutions, the biggest topic in AI going into 2024.

Connecting corporate data via RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) eliminates hallucinations by retrieving exact data and related citations and references to data, which finally enables companies to leverage GenAI with confidence and accuracy.

By combining fine-tuning of Large Language Models and RAG, NVIDIA and NEBUL deliver a robust Generative AI solution appropriate and mature enough for standard deployment within any enterprise or organization.

Overall a complete solution will be presented to inform the viewer on the rapid advancements and display NVIDIA’s ongoing leadership in complete Generative AI solutions and NEBUL as valued partner and expert in deployment on-prem or in NEBUL’s Power Cloud.

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