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Announcing 20M Growth Investment

Accelerate Growth

Major Investment Propels European Tech Company to Forefront of its Industry: BeStacking and Nebul Join Forces to Boost Growth and Innovation for Nebul’s Sovereign-Hybrid Cloud Solutions.


Nebul, a European leader in providing sovereign-hybrid cloud solutions, secures investment of tens of millions of euros aimed at growing its ability to fulfill rapidly accelerating client demand. This investment marks a crucial milestone in reshaping the European Hybrid Cloud landscape for companies and governments. As the first Benelux-based NVIDIA preferred Cloud Service Provider and among the few in Europe, Nebul ensures that European data remains in Europe while enabling hybrid cloud operations. Nebul’s solutions will make AI usage truly sovereign, efficient, and cost-effective.

This initial investment comes from BeStacking, led by founders with a long history of supporting transformative IT companies across Europe. BeStacking’s investment will not only allow Nebul to scale Private AI infrastructure throughout Europe, but also advance strategic hiring initiatives and expand a strategic European network of Enterprise organizations and Government agencies. The injection of strategic, operational and financial means will enable Nebul to better prepare its clients for the imminent changes unfolding in Europe regarding Sovereign-Hybrid Cloud.

“We have meticulously developed and tested our technical solutions with our clients in this rapidly evolving market. Additionally, we have established critical partnerships with market leaders such as NVIDIA, Run:AI, NetApp, VAST Data, UbiOps and Prompt Security. With American companies moving swiftly, it is imperative for us, as a European service provider, to accelerate our efforts. Our goal is to build a company that restores IT leadership in Europe.” said Arnold Juffer, CEO of Nebul.

“We have known Arnold Juffer for many years and recognize his entrepreneurial acumen and technical expertise, essential for scaling Nebul’s operations. On the other hand, BeStacking is an asset to Nebul as we bring more than just financial support. Next to that, Nebul’s Private AI Factory and the recently launched Powerdesk solution will prove to be unique assets to our investment strategy to enable data-intensive and data-sensitive companies and solutions to use AI in a secure and sovereign environment. A win-win situation,” stated Rob van der Salm, CEO of BeStacking.

“We have the foundational elements in place and are now focused on recruiting top talent and empowering ambitious implementation partners to support their clients. Nebul aims to become part of a robust network of networks in Europe, and we invite others to join us at the forefront of AI development,” added Matthieu van Amerongen, Director at Nebul.

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About Nebul

Nebul offers the privacy of a European private cloud combined with the convenience, scale, and reach of big global hyper scalers into a genuine European Sovereign-Hybrid Cloud. Using the full range of NVIDIA technologies, new capabilities like Private AI, Digital Twins and Omniverse can be enabled more easily and quickly without sharing sensitive corporate data with third parties you do not control. Nebul Cloud enables AI development and operations using the latest technologies. From Generative AI to Digital Twins and Omniverse simulations, Nebul empowers European organizations to harness the power of AI securely and efficiently.

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About BeStacking

BeStacking is committed to investing in cutting-edge technologies, particularly AI infrastructure and value-added services, prioritizing sovereignty, privacy, and security. By partnering with forward-thinking companies like Nebul, BeStacking aims to advance the AI Value Chain and drive innovation across industries. Through strategic investments and collaborative efforts, BeStacking empowers companies to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

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