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Getting Started with Private AI | Live Stream Recording

Watch the Recorded Live Stream HERE.

In this Live 30-minute Webinar session, we will delve into the most significant hurdles surrounding Private AI within the corporate landscape.

We’ll share lessons from our enterprise customers on how to deploy effective and SAFE AI in the corporate realm.

We’ll cover the following topics:
1. Private AI vs Public AI
– functionality and speed of development
– risk of data leakage and training on your sensitive data
– minimizing cost and maximizing scalability
– minimizing dependencies and strategic independence

2. The LLM use Case
– extract extreme value from your corporate data
– safely migrate corporate data into LLMs

3. Model Training vs Fine-Tuning
– how to best customize your LLMs with your unique data
– Is model training necessary

4. Augmenting your corporate data on Pre-Trained LLMs
– Pre-Trained models and attaching corporate data (RAG)

5. Running Inference on GPUs, and Day-to-Day MLOps

6. Success Factors
– Identify organizational maturity, skills and culture gaps
– Building the best supportive partner ecosystem
– Minimize financial risk by implementing j-curve principals

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