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Dealing with the Risks and Dangers of AI | June 28th Live Stream

Join our Live Stream on June 28th @ 11:30am CET on LinkedIn.

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Whether your organization is deploying AI this year, or not, be aware that more than 50% of your staff are already using AI tools, approved or unapproved, and therefore a burning issue to ensure data privacy and organizational secrets are maintained.

Generative AI introduces many new attack surfaces, both for internal employees using ‘Shadow AI’ and for organization deploying AI.

In this session, featuring Itamar Golan, the CEO of Prompt Security, we’ll address:
1. Shadow AI and how to detect which AI tools are being used
2. Protecting Secrets when coding with AI tools
3. Protecting Generative AI applications & data being deployed
4. Making Generative AI safer by analyzing and hardening system prompts
5. Why EVERY company needs to consider this new attack surface, whether or not they’ve deployed any AI tools at all.

Further, we’ll explore how Nebul & Prompt Security help safely and effectively deploy organizational AI in Europe with consideration for protecting PII data and addressing GDPR with appropriate levels of organizational compliance and governance.

Learn why sharing data from your Enterprise, SaaS, MSP or related EU government entities is inherently risky for data protection, and what the alternatives are, to enable your organization to leverage AI safely.

Finally, learn about the specific architectural differences between ‘Public AI’ and ‘Private AI’ and how make decisions about what type of AI is safe and appropriate for which data sets without any compromise on innovation and progress.

If your organization ready to eliminate the risks, and take action today, contact Nebul today: